India and MENA region is envisaged to be the next epicenter for short-term/temporary employment, given the nation’s intellectual supremacy and high competence coupled with cost-effective manpower. Our Temporary Staffing division is striving to lead in India and MENA, currently providing solutions to over 100 clients.

Temporary Staffing

Through our specialized temporary staffing services, we lend hand in support & allow you to concentrate on your core business activities while we take care of your manpower needs. This activity is carried out with extensive care, as it entails a strong level of affirmation strong level of affirmation between our clients’ requirements, and the stance of our candidates.
To ensure this sync, we pursue an explicit and meticulous process. Thus, the temporary staffs identified are expected to meet the individual needs of each client’s situation.

Permanent Staffing

When it comes to a long-term placement in your team, we believe quality will always come before quantity. We therefore take the time to take a detailed brief through a consultative, customized approach. We will not rush you with a short-list of ill-matched candidates, nor will we present a person for interview should they not be a suitable match. Utilizing comprehensive interviewing, skill testing, and background checking processes, we are committed to finding the candidate that has the required skills, experience, diversity and attitude that you’re looking for.