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Who we are

We’re a team of passionate entrepreneurs with varied work experience, aiming to help businesses adapt and overcome challenges in a world where change is the only constant. After having worked with clients from across industries, for over a decade in India, our team of specialists are now here in the Middle East to help you align to your diversity and inclusion hiring initiatives and doing away with any unconscious bias through the recruitment process. In addition, we also specialize in advising companies going through business and digital transformations. By taking the time to understand business requirements, we offer recruitment solutions that add value to businesses in this rapidly changing but exciting business environment.

Our Core Values

  • To be committed to the integrity and success of our people, customers, partners, employees and shareholders
  • To maintain respectful relationships with our employees, partners, customers and suppliers
  • To maintain a positive environment thereby encouraging productivity and efficiency at all times
  • To constantly learn and unlearn and offer innovative solutions to any challenge and/or opportunities that come our way
  • To always be passionate about our people, our business, our brand and our customers

Why Choose Us?

At VertX Solutions our primary focus is to identify the client requirements and assure satisfaction by working on it till we discover the aspirants with niche expertise and regardless of wherever they are positioned, to satisfy our client requirement. With more than a decade’s experience, in the industry we can definitely state that there is no competition to us in serving the clients with the best of their interest possible.

We don’t endow you employment opportunities like our counterparts; we help you in breaking the barrier that comes in your approach of focused growth!