About Us

We are striving to be the best in the business.

At VertX, we are passionate about the community we work with – let us create some prospect for you. We function seamlessly with our clients to solve their immediate and long-term business goals. We pay attention to their unique circumstances and then we work to identify the candidates who have the skills and experience required for accomplishing the expectations.

We understand work – it should be challenging and must provide an environment to learn and grow. We can introduce you to a variety of functions and associated positions in the respective organization, through our universal network of clients to help you determine the most appropriate position that satisfies your interest.

We are an upcoming leader in specialist Recruitment & Staffing solutions, placing professional candidates in permanent, temporary, turnkey and interim/contract jobs. With a team size of 80+ consultants serving across various industries.

Our primary focus is to identify the client requirements and assure satisfaction by working on it till we discover the aspirants with niche expertise and regardless of wherever they are positioned, to satisfy our client requirement. With more than a decade’s experience, in the industry we can definitely state that there is no competition to us in serving the clients with the best of their interest possible

Our focused mechanism of understanding the requirements helps in bonding our clients and aspirants on a distinct arena. We concentrate on staffing solutions both temporary and permanent across industry verticals catering to superior, intermediate and junior cadres in the organization. Our Consultant directory sums up to 300 contemporaries. They strive to bridge the GAP between our Clients and the Jobseekers who missed the opportunity initially due to the universal admission pathway strategy adapted by our clients.


Serving the best

Bridging the GAP

Why VertX!!!!!

  • Extensive Staffing Experience
  • Responsive, Flexible and End-to-End Staffing Solutions
  • Complete Management of Hiring Requirements
  • Efficient Sourcing, Engagement and Management of Contract Labour
  • Strict Adherence to Regulations

About Us